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We are the only Croatian company completely dedicated to healthy sleep because we know that a good night's sleep creates a good day. Equip the room, sleep comfortably and recharge your batteries for tomorrow.

Hespo - For almost 30 years we have been designing and producing a sleep program recognized as synonymous with comfort, quality and health. We are the largest Croatian manufacturer of mattresses and we are proud that over half a million people sleep better on our products.

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If you feel hot even in winter, spring mattresses offer better cooling and air circulation. If you like heat (or dislike the feeling of springs), consider foam or latex mattresses, which will warm you up better and faster.

Your mattress or fold-out bed is too hard or not comfortable enough? Choose a mattress topper made of resistant and breathable HR foam or natural latex that relieves pressure from the body while maintaining elasticity. Choose a mattress topper of visco-elastic memory foam that reacts to the body heat and weight, adapting to its contours in the optimal manner.

Together with the mattress, the base keeps the spine healthy, enables a proper air circulation around the mattress and extends the lifetime of the mattress. When choosing it, do pay attention to the slat density: a smaller distance between the slats provides better support to both the mattress and the body.

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Over half a million Croats sleep peacefully on our products. The best Croatian hotels choose Hespo. Try mattresses and beds live in our dream salons Hespo.


We are fully committed to healthy sleep from development to production.


Over 700 employees in Prelog take care of the comfort and quality of your sleep. We are part of the Swedish corporation Hilding Anders, a leading manufacturer of beds and mattresses in Europe and Asia.

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