Technogel Anatomic

Gel core pillow 9 cm high


Less pain, more peaceful sleep

Anatomic is an innovative orthopaedic pillow with an upper Technogel layer and a memory foam base. Technogel® offers a unique distribution of body weight, ensuring a better circulation and alleviation of uncomfortable pressure. Technogel is a completely sterile material, and can be easily wiped with a moist cloth. Designed to provide excellent relaxation and support, and is particularly popular with people suffering from neck, back and shoulder pain.


Technogel pillows are superior to other pillows due to their many advantages, which include unique distribution of body pressure among all three axes, which ensures better circulation and the disappearance of unpleasant pressure, exceptional anti-decubitus characteristics, exceptional thermo-sensitivity of the material and maintaining of optimal temperature. Technogel is a non-toxic material and is completely sterile, so it prevents the development of mites, bacteria and other microorganisms, ensuring maximum hygiene. The base of the Technogel pillow is made of visco-elastic foam. The pillows are extremely durable.


Dimensions: Anatomic Thin 9 - 66 x 40 x 9 cm

Alleviates pain

This pillow is designed to provide excellent relaxation and support. It is particularly popular with people who suffer from neck, back and shoulder pain.

Sleep with a cool head

It has been scientifically proven that the head warms up additionally while we are sleeping. Technogel® offers you slight cooling of the head, which contributes to a better deep sleep REM phase.

Extra cover

With every Technogel® pillow model, you get an extra cover, whose 2% cashmere content provides exceptional softness.



An exceptionally durable, non-toxic and 100% hygienic material with anti-decubitus properties. It prevents the growth of mites, bacteria and other microorganisms for top hygiene. 

Visco-elastic foam

Foam developed for astronauts. It adjusts to the body contours, reacting to the body weight, shape and temperature. It offers a feeling of nearly weightless sleep. It has anti-decubitus properties. 

Antibacterial cover

The cover is made of anti-allergic and antibacterial fabric.