Tiptop HR New

HR foam mattress topper 6cm high

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Ideal for allergy-sufferers

The HR Top mattress topper has a cold-cast HR foam core that is very elastic and resistant to damage. Due to its special bubble structure, it ensures a good airflow while you are sleeping, which makes this mattress topper an ideal choice for allergy-sufferers.

Size for each bed

We produce this mattress topper in as many as 12 sizes, so you will easily find the right size for any type of bed.

It's time for a mattress upgrade!

Is your mattress too hard? Do you sleep on a pull-out bed or couch? With this mattress topper, you'll feel like you're sleeping on a premium mattress. Maximum comfort with minimal investment!

Sleeping at altitude

Add a mattress topper to the mattress and increase the height at which you sleep. That way you will reduce the inhalation of dust rising from the floor.

Removable and washable top cover

HR foam

HR foam Mattress topper 7 cm high


HR foam

HR foam is an elastic, breathable material that provides exceptional comfort.

Hygienic packaging

The product is protected by a strong nylon packaging, so it will remain clean and untouched while traveling to your home.

Washable upper side

Only the upper side is washable, the lower Anti-Slip side is not washable.

Rolled up

The mattress comes to your address rolled up, in a practical packaging.

Rotate horizontally

The product should be turned horizontally regularly.


Anti-slip fabric, used on the underside of the mattress so that the mattress is stable and does not slide.

Antibacterial cover

The cover is made of anti-allergic and antibacterial fabric.

Mattress Topper 6 cm high

Total height 6 cm