7-zone mattress with Quantum Edge pocket core


A quantum leap in comfort

Nukleus is an ideal choice if you like to watch TV or work from your bed. Due to its innovative Quantum Edge pocket spring core reinforced on the edges, you can sit on the edge of this mattress without any problems. Nukleus supports your body during the night in the seven ergonomic zones, with the feeling of relief offered by the cold-cast EMC foam.

Absolute support

Nukleus provides equal support in all its parts, regardless of whether you are sleeping in the very centre of the mattress or if you like to roll over to its edge.

That fluffy feeling

The mattress core adjusts to the body, while the cold-cast foam ensures breathability, causing you to feel as light as a snowflake on this mattress.

A choice for box spring beds

This mattress is also excellent for beds without frames because its lateral sides will not deform when you are getting up or lying down in the bed.

DOUBLE-LAYER CASHMERE FABRIC stitched with PES cotton and retex on the upper side




7-zone mattress with Quantum Edge pocket core


Seven zones

Core shaped so that it optimally supports the seven key zones of your body – the head, neck, shoulders, torso, hips, knee and feet. 

Pocket spring core

The core is made of springs specially packed in pockets in order to reduce load transfer. If your partner is tossing and turning during sleep, you will not feel it!

PU foam core

Breathable and flexible polyurethane foam.


Anti-slip fabric, used on the underside of the mattress so that the mattress is stable and does not slide.

Washable upper side

Only the upper side is washable, the lower Anti-Slip side is not washable.

Rotate horizontally

The product should be turned horizontally regularly.

Hardness 3

Hardness 3/5

Mattress 31 cm high

Total height 31 cm



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