Nordic Vital

Bed base height 5 cm


Durable support

Nordic Vital is a classic bed base with a shorter distance between the slats, best paired with the mattresses from our Nordic and Family lines. The frame is made of a veneer panel, with elastic slats of laminated wood. The bed base slat holders are made of quality plastic and distributed along the bed base frame, enabling a better distribution of force, optimal support and durability.

The right choice for suites

Due to its durability and compatibility with various types of mattresses, this bed base is the right choice for beds intended for guests.

Natural materials

The slats of this bed base are made of birch, while the frame is made of beech.

Bed base and mattress

This bed base is compatible with all mattresses from our Nordic and Family lines. It is compatible with mattresses that have a foam core, enabling airflow and circulation.

Bed base height 5 cm


Fixed bed base

The frame of the bed base cannot be raised, so the bed base has only one position.


Slatted bases with a higher density of slats provide better support to both the mattress and the body.