Bedroom inspired by the sun

This is Mirna. Our new bedroom. Mirna has a handful of elements from which you can put together a real little empire for your well-deserved vacation. With Mirna, everything is really relaxed and simple. Mirna is here to make life simpler, more beautiful and more enjoyable.


Inspired by the Sun

Created one sunlit day, with the intention of bringing light into the home of its owners. The body of the Mirna room is designed in the decor of castello oak, while its fronts come in 3 additional colors: white, satin and castello oak. Each individual element is conceived as an inspiration. Like a gentle chest of drawers for storing small things, mostly those that mean intimacy…. With a touch of freshness and urban luxury.

Youth room with character

For all styles, ages and all moods. Mirna is a real little haven for youthful desires and needs. For structure and character, with enough breadth and personality. The ergonomically designed table will unreservedly support all young rebels. And those who feel that way.

Comfort and on vacation

If you meet Mirna at sea, you will find that the coast is her natural environment. Or Mirna is the breath of the sea with which you wanted to enrich your continental home… Mirna loves to travel, and her passengers always feel at home. On a wall hanger and a suitcase stand, even the most tireless among us will want to rest their suitcase.


Customizations and options

Castello oak and Castello oak
Castello oak and white
Castello oak and satin

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