Mattress topper made of viscoelastic foam 5 cm high


Removable and washable top cover

Viscoelastic foam

Mattress topper made of viscoelastic foam 5 cm high


Visco-elastic foam

Foam developed for astronauts. It adjusts to the body contours, reacting to the body weight, shape and temperature. It offers a feeling of nearly weightless sleep. It has anti-decubitus properties. 

Washable upper side

Only the upper side is washable, the lower Anti-Slip side is not washable.

Rolled up

The mattress comes to your address rolled up, in a practical packaging.

Rotate horizontally

The product should be turned horizontally regularly.


Anti-slip fabric, used on the underside of the mattress so that the mattress is stable and does not slide.

Hygienic packaging

The product is protected by a strong nylon packaging, so it will remain clean and untouched while traveling to your home.

Mattress Topper 5 cm high

Total height 5 cm

Aloe Vera fabric

  A fabric that has a beneficial effect on the skin.