3D Memo

Pillow made of viscoelastic foam


Pillow with ideal dimensions

Memory foam reacts to body heat and weight. It provides individual support to each person by following the shape of the head and neck, by reducing pressure. This type of pillow can reduce neck, back and shoulder pain, especially when it comes to people with spinal problems. Dimensions: 73 x 43 x 13.8 cm

Memory foam remembers your contours

Foam that “remembers” body contours and adapts to each individual. Memory foam with 3D profiling (3D memo) provides a special massage sensation and relaxation.

Sleep preserves beauty

The cover of the pillow is washable at 40°C and made of fabric with silk threads. Silk provides softness and is pleasant to the skin. It provides anti-allergic, anti-static properties and thermoregulation in a natural way.

Hypoallergenic properties

The high-quality memory foam is less prone to accumulation of dust, mites, as well as allergens, which is especially useful for people with allergies.


Visco-elastic foam

Foam developed for astronauts. It adjusts to the body contours, reacting to the body weight, shape and temperature. It offers a feeling of nearly weightless sleep. It has anti-decubitus properties.