Pet bed blue


New line of comfort for pets

All equal members of a family, even four-legged ones, need their place to rest. That is why, with special attention for your pets, we have designed a line of comfortable and soft cribs. Hespo pet beds come in two dimensions and in several different fabric patterns. Designed to fit perfectly into any home with aesthetics, comfort and functionality. Fortunately for all the family members.

Hygiene is half the health

The pet bed is made of a material that is easy to maintain. The inner pad is washable in the washing machine. For complete comfort and hygiene every day.

Hespo comfort, functionality, quality and sustainability

When designing the beds, we took care of sustainability, and therefore they were entirely made of materials that did not pollute the environment further. And in addition to beautifying any ambience with its design, the Hespo pet bed is very easy to carry, so you can take it with you on the road very easily.

Choose the Hespo pet bed to suit you

The smaller size of the crib is intended for cats and smaller dogs, while the larger dimension is intended for medium and large four-legged pets.